KMKey in a minute:

Knowledge Management Key (KMKey) is a program that lets you, from within a web environment,  manage projects (Project), follow any Quality Management System (QMS) (Quality) and manage the tickets (Help Desk) of your company.
This is free software and therefore does not involve any licensing costs. User accounts are free and unlimited. The source code is available from the web development community site www.kmkey.org.
Earcon and partner companies provide the services required to implement and maintain the application.
The program can be installed at the client's dependencies (home) or be made available as an Internet service (SaaS, Cloud computing ..).
KMKey is being used since 2005 in many clients from various sectors.
To learn more about the application you can watch explanatory videos, ask for a  demostration or a  guided tour via the Internet.
If you want personalized attention please contact us by chat or other tradictional media.