Using the same basic product: Knowledge Management Key (KMKey) you can, via configuration, enjoy any or or all of the three solutions (Project, Quality y Help Desk) within the same installation.

We can carry out a staged implementation to ensure that your organization can plan, manage and control your projects while following the guidelines of the Quality Management System (QMS). If, once your project is up and running, you need to provide maintenance or support services you may also manage this with the Help Desk configuration.

All three products maintain usability and uniform appearance throughout and each one is designed to respond efficiently to the peculiarities of each case.

Key features:

  • Web based: An application programmed 100% to be used via the Internet. You'll always work with a browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) from anywhere with Internet access.
  • Information available through permissions: access to the files which the user has been assigned to and the possibility to perform actions on them according to his profile.
  • Multi environment: the user can choose to work with Microsoft tools (MS Office, Internet Explorer ..) or others (Open Office, Firefox ..). The Document Management accepts files of all types (. doc,. xls,. odt,. pdf, ..)
  • Flexible: application components are designed to be easily adapted by you to fit your specific needs.
  • Tried and tested: every day thousands of users carry out their daily business with KMKey.
  • Multi-language: each user can select the language he wishes to work in.
  • Open source Software: All operating systems, databases and software required for the installation of KMKey are Open Source (GPL license). There are no "user license" costs. Implementation costs are relative with services rendered.