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Gestión de Incidencias: Gestión de Incidencias
Notificaciones Automaticas: Notificaciones Automaticas
Gestión de Recursos: Gestión de Recursos
Informes y Listados: Informes y Listados
Control de Fechas y Desarrollos: Control de Fechas y Desarrollos

KMKey Help Desk is an incident tracking and management software suitable for maintenance, user support and problem solving in any industry. With KMKey Help Desk you can define your own workflows to address issues arising from defects in services and machinery.

Tickets can be received automatically (via e-mail, web, or to a mobile device...) or be opened and attended to by your support service. Once initiated, the management of the incident will follow corresponding work-flow pre-designed for its resolution. This allows: immediate resolution, scaling, query above information, sharing of resources. etc.
If the given incidence rises to a higher order, the subsequent actions can be linked to Project Management or Quality Management software.

With KMKey Help Desk, the users can perform the work required having available all the relevant information from anywhere with Internet access.

Work Management:

  • SAT: Technical Assistance Service.
  • Preventive Manintenance: planning, management and control of actions.
  • Corrective Maintenance: reception and resolution of incidents.
  • Support (Hot line): user support, remote resolution of doubts, etc...

Resource Management:

  • Human: job profiles. Permissions. Man-hour costs. Restricted access.
  • Materials: allocation of tools and floor space. Availability Control.
  • Económic: estimates, bids, invoices, etc. Economic analysis of each incidence. Real versus expected. Personal expenses.

Information Management:

  • Knowledge Management: all the entered information is available and can be accessed by the means of indexed search similar to Google.
  • Documents and Files: Automatic generation and report output in various formats: Open Office, MS Office, PDF, Associated document management: versions, authors, reservations.
  • Agenda: a database of companies and contacts. Calendar activities. Mailing.
  • Integrated e-mail and SMS: Notifications of actions and tasks to others via email. Automatic reception of mails. Delivery by SMS.

KMKey HelpDesk Overview

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