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KMKey Project is a project management software with which any company can access and use all the information needed to manage business processes from the moment of receiving proposals to the client deliveries. KMKey Project is software especially useful  for keeping track of projects of all types; engineering project development, management of architectural firms, planning, monitoring and control of projects in information technology, management consulting, environmental engineering. These are just some of the implementations that KMKey Project is currently use for.
With KMKey Project you can work,
from any Internet connexion, with your projects and access all relevant information organized into these four areas:


  • Project Planning. WBS. Workflow. Calendar.
  • Gantt chart. Implementation periods. Progress. Real time against predicted. Late tasks. Warnings.
  • Link to MS Project as a way to build or import the workflow.
  • Project Templates for similar workflows. Continuous improvement.


  • Human: job profiles. Permissions. Resource stocks. Working Parties. Man-hours. Access restricted by permissions.
  • Materials: allocation of tools and spaces. Control of availability.


  • Documents and Files: Automatic document generation and reports in various formats: Open Office, MS Office, PDF. Associated document management: versions, authors, reservations.
  • Agenda: a database of companies and contacts. Calendar activities. Mailing. Notes and meetings.
  • Integrated e-mail : Notifications to third parties via email of actions and tasks. Automatic reception of mails.
  • SMS alerts: For mobile users.
  • Prepared for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2004 and others)


  • Planned: deals, budget divided by project tasks and phases. Configurable accounting concepts.
  • Real: invoicing, purchase invoice entry, personal expenses, hours valued overheads.
  • Comparisons: real versus expected, reports, alarms, percentages. Trading accounts.

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