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KMKey Quality is quality management software ideal for implementing and maintaining a quality management system (QMS) of any type: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc, or a combination of them, easing integration. With KMKey Quality you can manage and maintain all the system documentation, records and information circuits that are generated by procedures such as the management of Non-conformities, Corrective / Preventive Actions, Claims, Audits, Indicators, Evaluations, etc. All tailored to your organization's individual approach.

Document Management:

KMKey Quality Manager incorporates a document management system to store the various versions of each document relating to the quality system, such as the Quality Manual, Policy and Quality Objectives, the Chart, Map of Processes, Procedures, and Formats Working Instructions, always allowing a direct access to the most recent version. KMKey Quality is a web based application that provides universal access from any computer connected to the Internet.

In addition, the records manager allows collaborative document processing, it manages editing, review and approval, integrating a digital notification system via e-mail to ease communication between different users.

Nonconformities and Corrective/Preventive Actions:

From the records manager any authorized user can enter nonconformities, and plan the appropriate corrective or preventive action, tasking each relevant users, and managing deadlines and actions.

Other procedures: audits, suppliers, etc. indicators:

By the similar means,  you can manage specific training plans, Plans Audit or Continuous Improvement Plans and the System Review Reports, Monitoring and Evaluation of Suppliers or Indicator Management and Control.

Resuming, KMKey Quality is the quality management software (QMS) ideal for the implementation and management of quality in your company or organization. Through its user-friendly, intuitive, universal accessible, and collaborative environment, it makes the task of managing quality easier in a much more efficient manner.

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