KMKey is distributed as Free software. That means anyone can download the source code, install, and use the applications without having to pay license fees. If you wish, you may also contract any one of the services Earcon SL offers ranging from implantation, key-in-hand, and postinstallation mantainance.

These services are designed to help you with the initial installation and the continued use of KMKey with guaranteed success. The can be contracted separately or grouped to fit your company's's profile.

  • Xpress: ideal for businesses that need every day functionality and want to get started straight away.
  • Custom: recommended if a case study of the company makes necessary a personalized adaptation of the application.

Earcon Maintenance and Development services guarantee the daily performance of KMKey, including its evolution and adaption to specific individual needs and to those of the evolving technology market.

As if that were not enough, the choice of an "open source" platform with the source code in your hands allows you the option of improving the application yourself.